Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sorbet Summer

Despite me spending most of last week lamenting the cold snap and telling you all about our upcoming winter warmers, it's still very much summer here in Melbourne. The annual St Kilda festival is running all of this week and is a timely reminder of the beachside, sun-soaked lifestyle so many of us take for granted here. It's also got me looking forward to next summer, as we start to plot out our colour palettes and ideas.

 The official program guide of the St Kilda festival is festooned with beautiful ice cream colours - what a better way to ring in the hottest month of the year!

Sorbet and sherbert tones are a pop alternative to last year's pastels - warmer and more fun than ever!

Don't they remind you of Mediterranean escapes and sunny spring mornings? But these tones are designed to last you from morning right through to that iconic St Kilda sunset...

Bring on the sun!

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