Monday, 27 February 2012

No more rain

It's Monday morning in Melbourne and it's raining. Surprise! Afer an almost-40 degree weekend, today is torrential downpour. So typical. Power lines are down, everyone's running late, I forgot to wear socks...

To brighten up your morning, Ryan Gosling talking about craft.
(need I say more?)

Eugh. Swoon.
From Handmade Ryan Gosling
I know this blog is old news but gosh, he makes our morning better!

Also, Madame M directed me to this absolute gem:

She's got a nose for it.
Maddie The Coonhound! Ahhhh the world's most beautiful dog, standing on things.
It's that easy.

And then, on the W&W Facebook page this morning I discovered this:

Pretty much the coolest kids ever, right? Big ups to Spotlight customer Sarah of Sarah T Handmade for dressing her kids up this weekend. Show her some Facebook love!

Monday-itis, solved.

xoxo The Insider

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