Friday, 24 February 2012

From the desk of...

 For our special friday behind the scenes peek we've bought you some I-spy moments from around our office.

The Insider's Inspiration Wall

  This is where it all happens, the nerve centre of the buying team...

Testing out a new machine

...and it's probably nowhere near as glamorous as you think it might be.

Bunny keeps Shoshana sane
Always important to remember our heritage!
Keeping up to date with the latest patterns

Our treasured antiqe Singer machine
Wall o'thread

Quality and colour samples

I can't show you too much... don't want to give away our trade secrets ;) Needless to say it's a hard working, busy (and often a little messy) space full of creativity.

Take this weekend to get out of the office and get creative - then share it with us! Leave us a comment or a post on Facebook.

Have a great weekend! xoxo The Insider

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