Monday, 30 January 2012

Monsoon Wedding

I'm not sure what I can write about the wedding we attended this weekend, other than it was absolutely beautiful! The pictures really speak for themselves...our warm congratulations to the happy couple! The office is a bit subdued this morning as we all recover from a fabulous two days.
(As usual, click on the pictures for a larger version!)

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Friday, 27 January 2012

Summer Sun

The sun is streaming in through our office windows this morning, and Dad is looking tanned as ever - at least that's what he tells us it's from.

We all know it comes from a can, right?

The kind of summer glow that can't be bottled up has landed on our desks this week in the form of the new collection from DS by Denyse Schmidt, "Daisy Mae".

"Daisy Mae" Blue/Red Colourway
 The gorgeous combination of Deco shapes and quirky florals has got us all all feeling fun and fresh! Denyse's designs are always a hit with our customers and we can't wait for this gorgeous story to hit stores.
"Daisy Mae" Green/Orange Colourway - selected stores only
The two distinct colour stories are absolutely beautiful and totally versatile! Check in stores soon for a brand new quilting project featuring this fabulous fabric.

We all know how popular the last DS Quilts "Salty Aire" giveaway was...stay tuned and you may be able to get your hands on this beautiful collection too!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

License to Quilt

You may have noticed our Dr Seuss fabrics in store recently. We've recently been lucky enough to find some more gorgeous childhood memories commited to fabric!

Cat in the Hat - the first of our Dr Seuss stories
 We're adding onto this range of children's storybook classics with a few more names - The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Maisy, Spot the Dog, Gumnut Babies and the classic Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit.
A Sneak peek at the Peter Rabbit Collection
What are your favourite childhood storybooks? Have you made a quilt or a project inspired by them?
I'm obsessed with Gumnut Babies - an Aussie classic!
We'll have these beautiful fabric ranges dropping into store towards the end of February - keep an eye out for them!
Spot the Dog
The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Does your Dad Sew?

My Dad has never picked up a needle in his life, I'm sure of it, although he does maintain he can stitch on a button in dire circumstances.

Similarly, our Dress Business Manager - whom we will refer to as "Dad" - has plenty to say (don't all Dads?) on the subject of sewing - but when pressed probably wouldn't know his bobbin from his buttonhole foot!

But one Dad has particularly impressed us this week - Quilt Dad!
Quilt Dad is a 36-year old married father of three from North Carolina who creates some amazing, modern quilts - hardly a daggy dad at all!

Sew awesome! Check out Quilt Dad's Blog Here

Do you know any crafty Dads? Is your old man handy on the Janome? Or perhaps your hubby / boyfriend / son / brother is a swift old stitcher?

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wedding Bells

One of our darling buyers will be getting married this weekend, but it's far from your average white wedding...

We're going Indian! It's a two-day extravaganza of henna, bollywood dancing and gorgeous, gorgeous saris!
Does your wardrobe look like this?

Sari Silk freshly dyed and drying in the sun in Goa
 It's got me daydreaming about luxurious silk and embroidered beauties. The vibrant colours are so appropriate for this summer heatwave (and personally, I can't wait to get dressed up on the weekend!)

The way the light captures the silk is absolutely gorgeous

The gold leaf on these is so graphic and bold!

Have you ever created something unique out of sari silk? Perhaps you've even made your own bollywood goddess outfit? We'd love to hear about your creations.
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Monday, 23 January 2012

It's Lunchtime...

...and Dress Business Manager T is, as usual, wowing us with his culinary arts.
Today, cheese and corn.


And Corn.

Nothing else! you know what really fuels creativity.
This isn't it. This looks better.

It's a New Year...

...and with it comes new resolutions, new attitudes, and maybe even a new bundle of fabric goodies on your doorstep!
For us here in the buying office it means a bit of an overhaul - we've welcomed some new team members, farewelled some others, and now have a beautiful view out over the Melbourne skyline - all new inspiration!

This year will also see some minor changes to The Warped & The Weft - most importantly more of us bringing you, dear reader, more updates, more goss, more sneak previews and more giveaways.

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Sew Inspired,

The Team