Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sew Iconic

This week marked the sad passing of music icon Whitney Houston (insert joke about needing a Bodyguard here).
It's interesting that she has the name of a place in her surname because...

...Got your passport ready?

Click "read more" to find out...

Introducing Travel Icon Linen! (see what I did there?)

London Calling!

 Sorry, I know that was a hideously tenuous link. But, this fabric is so darn cute that I know you'll forgive me.

Bonjour, Paris!
You may have seen Travel Icon Linen in store already - we did a European story covering London, Paris, Rome and New York.
It was so popular that we've extended the story to encompass something a tad closer to home - Sydney and Melbourne.

Sydney Harbour, Opera House, Bridge and Centrepoint

Flinders Street Station, The Shrine, St Paul's, MCG & Arts Centre

The "local" icons include some of our favourite landmarks as well as an unmistakeably patriotic Aussie flag. This whole story is printed on a beautiful cotton linen blend and is great for covering travel journals, making luggage tags or even a cosy cushion to remind you of your travels abroad.

Travel Icon, Cotton/Linen, 112cm, $14.95m
In Stores Mid March

What Icons would you love to see committed to print? Let us know on Facebook!

*Apologies if it's too soon for Whitney references. Whitney, I will always love youuuuuuuuuu....


  1. oh, I can't decide which one to get! And, totally not too early for Whitney jokes...hehe. Can't believe I haven't heard that already.

  2. EEEP! I miss out on the Paris and New York ones last time (managed to snag some Rome and London ones though) so I'll be all over this as soon as it's out.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Unfortunately we won't be repeating the New York story this time, however if you ask a friendly team member in your local Spotlight store they may be able to track some down for you.

  3. I love the fabrics - especially in blue. So nice to see such a range of style and unusual contrasts.

  4. Is this range out yet? Been dreaming about it since you posted.