Friday, 10 February 2012

Blogs we Love: things for boys

Describing yourself as a "typical, overtired, stay at home mum" is probably the best way to get your readers onside - especially if they too are typical, overtired mums! That's exactly what Abby at things for boys is striving for.
While I'm not a Mum (in fact we have one Dad and no Mums here at W&W), I definately appreciate the hard work it is being a busy Mum and it leaves us wondering how a lovely blogger like Abby has time to create such a beautiful blog chock full of inspiring projects and yummy recipes (plus a cocktail or two).

things for boys has a great project archive, brimming with fun baby ideas, as well as bits for older kids and even projects to treat Mums themselves!

Abby's projects are simple, fun, and totally practical - and best of all, she's a Spotlight customer! Show her some love and maybe make up one of these for the weekend...

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  1. I feel like a celebrity being mentioned on the Spotlight blog!! Thanks for mentioning me :)

  2. very talented girl. thanks spotlight for highlighting her blog.. its very good.