Monday, 21 May 2012

Blogs we Love: Little Betty

We always get a little tickled when we find a blogger online who is an avid Spotlight shopper! We do spend a lot of time in the office speculating what you all out there are making with our products, so when your creations pop up online, it's a buzz for all of us!

One of our faithful devotees, Christy @ Little Betty, describes herself as an "obsessive compulsive sewer" - that's one obsession we can definately endorse!
Christy not only sews a bunch of her own clothes, she's also an avid quilter and crocheter! Plus with an eye for an op-shop bargain and a great blog to boot, she's one to watch.

Christy in her goodies made from Spotlight Fabrics

How she does it all with three kids is beyond me... what we love the most about Christy is that her style is easy, accessible, and affordable!

Some more Spotlight-sourced favourites

Keep up the great blogging Christy, we can't wait to see what you create next...

Friday, 18 May 2012

Sewing Saturday This Week

Shameless plug alert!

This Saturday, 19th May is Sewing Saturday in every Spotlight Store! We're holding demonstrations, prize giveaways, door raffles and best of all, some awesome one-day-only offers.

We'd love to see all our friendly blog followers in store - it's a great chance to get to know our store teams and pick up some great new skills, as well as engage with your local sewing community.

It's also your last chance to enter our Pillowcase challenge - just bring a hand-made pillowcase into your local store and you could win a fabulous TOYOTA Quilt226 Sewing Machine - plus your pillowcase will be donated to a local charity :)

We'd love to see you there!

Monday, 14 May 2012

I'm a little teapot...

Last week I got a little bit over-zealous with my segues and tried to tie the London Olympics and drinking Tea together. The responses here in the office to my tenuous link (aren't they always?) were a tad mixed, but our afternoon tea time is unwaning. Top that with a visit to my Grandmother's house yesterday (happy Mother's Day!) accompianied by a tasty cuppa, and it feels like it's been tea time all week here.

Calico Re-useable Tea Bags

Our good friend Abby over at Things for Boys has whipped up these ingenious little DIY Reuseable Tea Bags - I'm definately keen to get my hands on one, as I know how painful it is having dregs floating around in your teacup! What a cute idea!

Jaybird's Teacups Quilt

Julie at Jaybird Quilts has designed this gorgeous quilt pattern - teacups! They look a little like my Keep Cup, though I'd be very careful with my cuppa around this beautiful quilt!


Dad's Pinterest obsession led him to find these little beauties - teabag biscuits, yum! From Here, via Here (found on Pinterest!) Arretz! The first link is in Italiand and the second in French, so you might like to get your translate on...

 And of course, it's Tea Time at your local Spotlight store! This gorgeous collection has just landed and is already attracting a lot of attention, isn't it beautiful?

Teacups & Roses
 New "Teacups & Roses" fabric, 100% Cotton, 112cm wide. $19.99/m - in store now!

So sweet!
 Download our PDF Tea Cosy & Trivet DIY pattern here.

I'm off to make a cuppa. xoxo

Monday, 7 May 2012

London Calling Issue 3 - Time for Tea

What's the point in celebrating all things English if you've forgotten the national pastime - and what should really be considered an Olympic sport - drinking Tea!

Whilst we have some gorgeous traditional tea-stained florals, teacups and teddy bears throughout the stores currently, I'm acutely aware that it's not only my grandmother drinking tea (despite the lovely cuppa she made me on Sunday afternoon).

So for the bold and the beautiful amongst you, our ever-popular printed poplins are bringing a good old dose of BRIT-POP!
In teacups...get it? See what I did there?

These "London Calling" Poplins are strong and sweet - just like I like my tea (and my men - am I right, ladies?). Available in three eye-popping designs, they're fabulous fun!

London Calling Poplin, 112cm wide, $12.99m. In stores now!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

London Calling Issue 2 - You know the Drill

So yesterday I got all nostalgic about what I was thinking four years ago, looking forward to the Olympics. But I never let on my little secret, something I'm looking forward to the most...


Thumbs Up, Lizzie!

Yeah, she'll be there. My style guru is opening both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. While she always opens the Commonwealth Ceremonies, this will be her first Olympics since Montreal in 1972.

The Queen and Prince Philip in Montreal

While we don't have a Queen of the Office (though I'm sure the title is hotly contested by many), we do have Dolly, our faithful mannequin. So we're pulling on the regalia and dressing her up...

'scuse the backdrop

Dolly models here our Flag Drill Panel - a complete Union Jack for your sewing pleasure!

This season we're teaming up flags with, you guessed it... more flags! The National Flag collection has both Union Jacks and Australian flags in three sizes - including a full sized panel.
It's not exactly mink-lined robes, but I reckon anyone draped in a flag looks like they should be ruling something, right?


National Flags Drill, 100% Cotton, 112cm. In store now.

Tomorrow, The Olympic Dream continues...

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

London Calling Issue 1 - Quilty Pleasures

A little under four years ago, as the Beijing Olympics drew to a close, I couldn't help but think that I was more excited about the fact that the next Summer Games would be held in London.
"I'll be there," I told myself, "I'll be there to watch all the sports (especially the diving, and the athletics, and the gymnastics, and anything else involving lycra), and it'll be the best experience of my entire life!"

Cut to four years later and I'm not there, and nor will I be, but I'm here, writing to you, so let's hold hands and pretend, yes?

So I present to you, London Calling: Issue One.

With 86 days and about 17 minutes until the Opening Ceremony Kicks off, I realise we only really have about 85 crafting & sewing days to prepare. So we're getting in early to get you all excited about the games and their ENDLESS SEWING POTENTIAL.

Issue one starts with Quilting (because these things take time). As you've seen before on the blog, we have a gorgeous range of Icon Linen, but I felt it best to remind you again.

Icon Travel Linen, London, with a cute Applique bus!
And covering your Journal! (fill it with pictures of attractive athletes)

Amy over at Diary of a Quilter has come up with these awesome Union Jack quilt blocks, which you could use in innumerable fabrics and projects - aren't they sweet?

Check them out on her blog here.

We've also found a great pattern for you to make your own here.

So that's whet my appetite for a pie floater, or maybe some chips with gravy. I'm off to find lunch. But while I'm away, why don't you share with us your project plans for London 2012? Leave us a comment or leave us some love on Facebook.

In London Calling: Issue Two we'll be drilling down into the history of the games!

God Save the Queen!