Friday, 3 February 2012

Get Husky

You Asked for it...

Brand spankin new Polar fleece! Husky Polar is just one of our exciting new polar fleece ranges that is dropping in from Mid February.

This isn't the scratchy, squeaky polar fleece like my Dad wore in the 90s. Seriously, that stuff made my toes curl, like fingernails down a blackboard!
Husky Polar is gorgeous soft and warm anti-pill fleece. Ideal for kids outfits, cosy blankets, or dare I say it...

A snuggie?

Husky comes in a great range of 14 colours - all of which co-ordinate back with our new Printed Polar fleece ranges, and also with our exciting new winter cord ranges.
AU$4.99/m, in stores early-mid February.

What will you whip up with polar fleece this winter? Share your project ideas with us in the comments section, or leave us a post on Facebook.


  1. Your winter goodies are very tempting, but do you have any cotton/poly/lycra velour arriving for some fantastic yoga/lounging pants.

    1. Hi Sharon, if you're after two-way stretch, the two way stretch velvet in the 100% Dance range would be suitable. Available in 11 colors including fluros @ 29.95 per meter. 90% polyester 10% Elastane.

      For winter we have a coordinate to Husky in Steamed velour, 100% polyester which has a stretch one way. Dropping in store early march available in 6 colors. Great for a yoga hoodie!

      Hope that helps.

    2. Thank you that does help, you used to stock the cotton/poly/lycra velour (not sure how long ago) and but your suggested options sound workable.

  2. The colours look awesome! I'm keen to feel it.
    I love making jackets and jumpers with mixed colours (like lime and aqua)...

  3. Is this the same as the husky polar fleece you stocked previously? I have made many bibs from it, but found that it is anything but anti-pill!! Luckily, it's only on the back of the bibs.

  4. Just wondering do you still have this polar fleece??
    Also I am trying to find some double sided polar fleece especially that had 2 different colors
    How can I contact you??