Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Great Hair Day

The hairstylists of South Melbourne have had their hands full this week - with two of us getting hair cuts (and the rest having bad hair days) - so I thought it might be time to put some faces hairstyles to the names you hear on the blog so often!

Let's visit our favourite 1960's hairstyles for a game of "getting to know you"... (click "read more" to continue)

Shoshana was a hairdresser in a former life, and as a result her hairdo ranges from perfect Betty Beehive to elongated extravagence. Today it's something akin to the above...

Elle is always perfectly put together, with what Shoshana refers to as "Princess Mary Hair". Dad just refers to her as "token ranga", which, while accurate, is a bit mean, don't you think?

Dora's hair is as big as her personality. Apparently it's something to do with speaking Spanish and all the exploring she's doing... I think she keeps snacks in that updo?

Madame is famous for her perfectly curated curls. It's not quite as afro-tastic as this image, which is a pity. I'm quite partial to an afro-comb.

Nancy Drew is rocking a newly-styled inverted bob, in gradauted tones of red. I'm not sure if she's trying to challenge Elle in the ranga stakes, but it certainly makes a statement!

Princess Kimmy K's hair seems to be getting longer by the minute, and is every day as shiny and luscious as a Pantene commercial.
Maybe it's a wig. They say wigs are full of secrets. What secrets is she hiding?

Dad has been trying out new hairstyles of late, and keeps claiming that he's taking his inspiration from me. Today it's a bit limp... other days it's a bit more Dylan-esque!

Sonny and Cher are both rocking their 60's specials - though I'm a bit jealous of Sonny's grecian locks. Cher is blessed with dead straight locks - and a straight up sense of humour to match!

 I know you're all wondering about me, The Insider, and this week fresh from the barber's chair I'm sporting a bit of a Brando quiff. Somebody called it a quaff on Monday, but I'm sure that's what you do with wine...

Who's got your favourite look? And which famous hairdo would you like to see on one of the W&W team?

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