Monday, 25 June 2012

Pattern of the Week: Flutterby Dress

Welcome to our first Pattern of the Week! We'll be calling out to our favourite ready-to-sew patterns every week, with some helpful tips and tricks along the way. They can also be spotted on the official Spotlight Facebook Page every Monday; so why don't you sew along with us!


Flutterby Dress

Burda Kids 9494

This week’s Pattern of the Week features this charming little babydoll dress for girls. Isn’t it just adorable? We think so!

We like the optional ribbon-tie waist belt, scoop neckline, and you can choose your own type of closure; zipper, button, hook and eye fasteners, it’s up to you!  The pattern can be used to make dresses of various lengths or alternatively to make a top. We chose to make the girl’s dress in a butterfly print with a matching ribbon-tie waist belt in turquoise and blue.

Product used:
Pattern: Burda Kids 9494
Fabric: Flora and Fauna Cotton Voile # 8, 112cm Wide, 100% Cotton, $12.99 per meter.
Notions: 20cm zip, 1.5 meters of Decorative ribbon

To press or not to press?
·         Always press each pattern piece as you go for a professional finish. 3 tips!

Press the seam flat along the stitching line to blend the stitches.

Press the seam allowances open or to one side, as indicated in the pattern instructions.

Press the seam or detail area from the right side. If necessary, protect the fabric with a press cloth.
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Happy Sewing!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Advice for Sewers

On this rainy morning, I'm looking to the heavens for some divine guidance, but all I can see is rainclouds (sad, no?).

Thankfully though, the beacon of hope that is Facebook (see ours here) has offered up some handy advice for all of you trusty sewers out there - from 1949.


I'm off to put on my best frock.

Happy Rainy Day Sewing everyone!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sneak Peek: DS Richmond

Last week we revealed that DS Quilt Collection's "Aunt Edna" had hit stores and has proved to be an absolute hit!

Well we're very super totally bigtime excited to tell you that we have just booked a brand new collection from Denyse Schmidt. It's so exclusive that it's not even on her website yet! Amazing! The samples landed on my desk this week, so we just had to share it with you!

Here's a sneak peek. It's called "Richmond".


Richmond comes in Two colourways, Orange/Pink and Blue/Green, in 6 vintage-inspired designs. This is probably my favourite DS Quilts Collection we have done, such a gorgeous quirky mix of prints!

DS Quilt Collections "Richmond" will be in store in September. Keep your eyes peeled!

Which is your favourite?

*Photos taken on Hipstamatic. Colours may not be representative of the actual fabric.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Schmitty's Back: Aunt Edna

I don't have an Aunt named Edna, but I knew a dame of the same name once...

DS Quilts Collection 'Aunt Enda' is in stores now!

We've only bought a snapshot of the collection, because it's so gorgeous we didn't want to overwhelm you all!

Spotlight's Selection

Plus in our Get Creative magazine we have an exclusive Dolly Quilt designed by the awesome Sarah Fielke.

Grab the project and check it out in store now!
DS Quilts Collection "Aunt Edna", 112cm, 100% Cotton, $16.99/m

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Corgi Jubilee!

I'm a bit obsessed.
 Our darling Lizzie celebrated her Diamond Jubilee this week. 60 years in the biz, that's a decent innings. You've got to have some tricks up your well-pressed sleeve to make it this long! The Queen's longevity could, perhaps, be attributed three main things:

1. Prince Philip
This dude is seriously creepy, and awkward, and awesome all at the same time. But he's stuck by the Queen in thick and thin, and a fair share of politically incorrect gaffes...

Leery Prince Philip

2. Hot Ginge
When I was in school, Prince William was all the rage with the girls. But now that he's married to the seriously sassy Kate, he's off the market AND balding.
In steps Prince Hot Ginge. I mean seriously, Harry is good looking enough to keep anyone young.

Harry with a Puppy! Squee!

3. Corgis
It's oft been joked that the Queen loves her corgis more than the realm, and who can blame her? These dudes are so cute, albeit a bit dumb.
More Exciting than most of the public...

Less insane than the rest of the Royals...

And *totally* vintage
  You all know we here at the W&W love a cute dog. And the corgis are no exception. Which brings us to...

Adorable Pets Quilting Fabric

There are probably some corgis in here somwhere
Our new Adorable Pets range comes in three options for the Dog and Cat lover - including your favourite pets wearing hats and hiding in shoes!

Cat in a Hat. Yep.
Adorable Pets Quilting fabric, 112cm wide, 100% cotton. $19.99m. In stores now.

Stay, Jack.