Friday, 27 April 2012

Get Pinned

A little something to see you through the weekend...

The latest trend in online photo collating is Pinterest!. Like a series of virtual pinboards, it collates all your favourite images from all over the net and allows you to sort them by category or inspiration.

A typical Pinterest Board - this one's "Quilting"!

I tell you, it's addictive stuff - so addictive that I've put myself on a pinning ban during work hours (except for a quickie at lunchtime).

BUT NEVER FEAR! Spotlight now has it's very own set of Pinterest Boards! You can follow us here. Check out what's inspiring our buying teams every day.

Why not start your own Pinterest Board and join us? We'd love to see what inspires you.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blogs we Love: A Cuppa and A Catch Up

We've recently been stitching along with the gorgeous Nova at A Cuppa and A Catch Up!

Nova and her hubby migrated to Australia recently and now count Spotty as one of their favourite shops (so they should, right?). Well that works nicely because we count her as one of our favourite bloggers!

Wiksten Tank pattern in Spotlight Fabric  
During Nova's recent Wiksten stitch-a-thon we've noticed a few of our fabrics popping up, which of course we're very excited about. Not only has Nova done a brilliant job of making her garments, but she models them very well too!

Nova in her pretty tank!

It's fabulous to see these refreshing fabric choices and some cool modern patterns to use them with. Nova also has a great selection of tutorials and patterns she has developed herself. Worth checking out!

Supercute dress in Spotlight fabric.

Keep up the great work Nova, we'll be watching closesly to see what gorgeous things you create next!

*all images in this post © Nova Flitter 2009-12

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I'm really Hungry.

Holy fishsticks Batman!

It's no secret we're partial to a bit of junk food in the office (see my earlier post about Dad's Cheese-n-corn lunch), but when I stumbled across this earlier today, I think my junk cravings hit an all new high!

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips.
So simple, yet soooooooo amazing.

Check out the how to at SpoonForkBacon...

It got me thinking, these would be a great snack for my next Crafternoon. So, all you yummy crafters out there - what are your favourite crafty time snacks? My sister swears by Pink Lamingtons (courtesy of Pip Lincolne at Meet Me At Mikes).

Why don't you share your crafternoon snacks with us? Leave us a comment or shoot us a link on Facebook.

I'm off to find something to dip in chocolate.

xoxo, The Insider

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Doggy Day Care

Our office mascot here at Spotlight is a little canine friend we have affectionately named Donna the Dachshund.

This isn't Donna. But I really want this plate.

Like Dad, she runs around a lot, is a bit yappy, and has a bad back. The poor thing. Elle did the only sensible thing and bought a pug instead.

But we've noticed that Dachshunds are becoming more and more popular, and not just here in the office! On the last buying trip, Dad and Madame M spotted these beauties at West Elm, by designer Claudia Pearson:

I don't want to eat off these! Too cute!

Little Doggy Delights have been popping up all over Etsy as well!

Some of my favourites:

 Dachshund Puppy in A Crown, by Paper Gangster Prints

Daschund Purse with Orange Chevron, by Sirtom

 Who can forget Waldi, the mascot of the 1972 Munich Olympics?

Needless to say, we're a bit enamoured by these little beauties at the moment, so much so that we've (of course) put them on fabric!

Montreaux Drill - in store now!  

Sapphire Fleece - in store now!

There are more Donna cameos to come - keep your eyes peeled!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Basket Case

If you've been following the blog for a little while you know that I can't sew a stitch, so naturally, my house is devoid of any kind of sewing paraphernalia. But all the crafty crew here in the office assure me that the humble sewing basket is the bastion of every good sewer's stash. The Bastille of the sewing room, if you will. The Fort Knox of the crafter's collection. The Alcazar of... oh you get it.

Traditional Chinese wedding customs call for the gift of a fully stocked sewing basket as part of the bride's dowry, which is something I guess I have to look forward to if I ever achieve my dream of marrying Chinese-Australian dreamboat author Benjamin Law.

Life, sorted.

Until then, I'm pleased to report that Spotlight are stocking a brand-new range of totally practical and outrageously cute new sewing baskets. Covered with coveted Michael Miller fabrics, these are guranteed to be a fantastic addition to any sewing room!


These beauties will be in store from mid April, and are available in a range of sizes and designs (may vary slightly from what is pictured).  Look out for more great designs coming soon!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Babushka Barmy

Does your grandmother look like this?

No? Either does mine.

This grandmother (called a Matryoshka in Russia) is wearing a Babuska scarf on her head. The dolls which we commonly refer to as Babushka are acually Matroyshka - named for the generations of women in a single family; all of whom apparently wore Babuska scarves on their heads at one time or another. Hence, the famous dolls:

"Babushka" dolls are everywhere now, and they're a trend that's not in danger of going anywhere (much like some of those beloved Matryoshkas tehmselves). But they're super cute and just a bit kitschy - who can resist?

If in doubt, put a doll on it!

So in honour of Shoshana's Russian ancestry, we've got a beautiful new quilting range landing in store very soon:

Babushka Quilting Fabric, 112cm wide, 100% Cotton. $12.99m, instore from 11th April.

Don't forget to pick up a project sheet so you too can make your very own gorgeous clutch and keyring: