Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I'm really Hungry.

Holy fishsticks Batman!

It's no secret we're partial to a bit of junk food in the office (see my earlier post about Dad's Cheese-n-corn lunch), but when I stumbled across this earlier today, I think my junk cravings hit an all new high!

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips.
So simple, yet soooooooo amazing.

Check out the how to at SpoonForkBacon...

It got me thinking, these would be a great snack for my next Crafternoon. So, all you yummy crafters out there - what are your favourite crafty time snacks? My sister swears by Pink Lamingtons (courtesy of Pip Lincolne at Meet Me At Mikes).

Why don't you share your crafternoon snacks with us? Leave us a comment or shoot us a link on Facebook.

I'm off to find something to dip in chocolate.

xoxo, The Insider


  1. I love chocolate chippies, although I'm not sure they'd be the best crafty snack...I'm sure I'd end up with chocolate on my WIP. Wasabi peas are a favourite of mine. Not too naughty, and they don't make your fingers too grubby!

    1. This is why you grab them by the chip bit, not the Chocolatey bit!

  2. I love almonds, they keep everything nice and clean. If I want a chocolate hit I usually leave my sewing room for it, that way no grubby marks :)