Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Basket Case

If you've been following the blog for a little while you know that I can't sew a stitch, so naturally, my house is devoid of any kind of sewing paraphernalia. But all the crafty crew here in the office assure me that the humble sewing basket is the bastion of every good sewer's stash. The Bastille of the sewing room, if you will. The Fort Knox of the crafter's collection. The Alcazar of... oh you get it.

Traditional Chinese wedding customs call for the gift of a fully stocked sewing basket as part of the bride's dowry, which is something I guess I have to look forward to if I ever achieve my dream of marrying Chinese-Australian dreamboat author Benjamin Law.

Life, sorted.

Until then, I'm pleased to report that Spotlight are stocking a brand-new range of totally practical and outrageously cute new sewing baskets. Covered with coveted Michael Miller fabrics, these are guranteed to be a fantastic addition to any sewing room!


These beauties will be in store from mid April, and are available in a range of sizes and designs (may vary slightly from what is pictured).  Look out for more great designs coming soon!


  1. your post made me LOL ! loving these, the fabrics are gorgeous..

  2. Oh my. I need that MM Eiffel Tower sewing basket. Need it!

  3. They are very cute baskets, however any garment sewer who takes her sewing to other venues e.g Guild Groups or sewing with friends needs a basket much larger than those. I do have such a bakset but my sewing friends can't find them any more, which is a great pity.

    1. Hi Sharon! We're definitely exploring some options in bigger sizes, shapes and materials as well as trolley bags with wheels - keep your eyes peeled :)