Monday, 2 April 2012

Babushka Barmy

Does your grandmother look like this?

No? Either does mine.

This grandmother (called a Matryoshka in Russia) is wearing a Babuska scarf on her head. The dolls which we commonly refer to as Babushka are acually Matroyshka - named for the generations of women in a single family; all of whom apparently wore Babuska scarves on their heads at one time or another. Hence, the famous dolls:

"Babushka" dolls are everywhere now, and they're a trend that's not in danger of going anywhere (much like some of those beloved Matryoshkas tehmselves). But they're super cute and just a bit kitschy - who can resist?

If in doubt, put a doll on it!

So in honour of Shoshana's Russian ancestry, we've got a beautiful new quilting range landing in store very soon:

Babushka Quilting Fabric, 112cm wide, 100% Cotton. $12.99m, instore from 11th April.

Don't forget to pick up a project sheet so you too can make your very own gorgeous clutch and keyring:


  1. really cute fabrics the colors too.

  2. I grabbed a fat quarter of each from the box, am so in love!! Will probably need to grab some more, of course ;)

  3. ahh! Love it! My husband's family are Russian so we're all drawn to anything covered in Matryoshki!

    1. oh, and both my Hubby's grandmothers look like that :)