Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blogs we Love: A Cuppa and A Catch Up

We've recently been stitching along with the gorgeous Nova at A Cuppa and A Catch Up!

Nova and her hubby migrated to Australia recently and now count Spotty as one of their favourite shops (so they should, right?). Well that works nicely because we count her as one of our favourite bloggers!

Wiksten Tank pattern in Spotlight Fabric  
During Nova's recent Wiksten stitch-a-thon we've noticed a few of our fabrics popping up, which of course we're very excited about. Not only has Nova done a brilliant job of making her garments, but she models them very well too!

Nova in her pretty tank!

It's fabulous to see these refreshing fabric choices and some cool modern patterns to use them with. Nova also has a great selection of tutorials and patterns she has developed herself. Worth checking out!

Supercute dress in Spotlight fabric.

Keep up the great work Nova, we'll be watching closesly to see what gorgeous things you create next!

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