Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Doggy Day Care

Our office mascot here at Spotlight is a little canine friend we have affectionately named Donna the Dachshund.

This isn't Donna. But I really want this plate.

Like Dad, she runs around a lot, is a bit yappy, and has a bad back. The poor thing. Elle did the only sensible thing and bought a pug instead.

But we've noticed that Dachshunds are becoming more and more popular, and not just here in the office! On the last buying trip, Dad and Madame M spotted these beauties at West Elm, by designer Claudia Pearson:

I don't want to eat off these! Too cute!

Little Doggy Delights have been popping up all over Etsy as well!

Some of my favourites:

 Dachshund Puppy in A Crown, by Paper Gangster Prints

Daschund Purse with Orange Chevron, by Sirtom

 Who can forget Waldi, the mascot of the 1972 Munich Olympics?

Needless to say, we're a bit enamoured by these little beauties at the moment, so much so that we've (of course) put them on fabric!

Montreaux Drill - in store now!  

Sapphire Fleece - in store now!

There are more Donna cameos to come - keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Love the daschunds - Badskirt was way ahead of the pack with her versions:

  2. I used a cute doggie fabric from Spotlight in my Zesty Ziggy quilt which was named after our friends little dog "Ziggy":