Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wet and Wild!

So it's been cold, wet and miserable in Melbourne these past few weeks and now it finally seems that we're sharing the wild weather love with the rest of the country!

Madame M  just bought a pair of fabulous new Hunter wellies (so jealous) and is inspiring us all to get into our winter wet weather gear.

These will surely keep you dry!

For those of you who favour a raincoat, splash-hat or even a cosy umbrella cover, then check out our fabulous Raincoating! 
How gorgeous is this!

Raincoating fabric is easy to sew, water-resistant and so totally practical. Plus these designs are so cute for kids and adults alike!
Raincoating, 148cm wide,100% Polyester $14.99/m

So many great ideas!

For those of you who are more craftily inclined, we've spoken about laminate fabric before; however I can't resist sharing our newest member of the wipe-clean, perfect-for-kids-projects, oh-so-adorable laminated quilting fabric range.


Lulu Laminate Pink Colourway

Lulu Laminate Blue Colourway

 This stuff is seriously cool and again is splash and stain resistant, wipe clean, and super fun to work with.

Lulu Laminate, 112cm, 100% Cotton with Laminate coating, $24.99m

Why not try these great kids art smocks?

Hope you don't get caught in the rain this weekend... xoxo

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