Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pattern of the Week:

The Seersucker Dress

In this week’s Pattern of the Week, we’re featuring one of our favourite patterns – Burda 9494 from the Burda Kids Pattern Catalogue. What really makes this dress shine is the seersucker fabric. Seersucker is comfortable , light and airy to wear. The natural wrinkle in the fabric makes it a great choice for kids & travel as no ironing is required. I ask you -what could be more perfect for summer?

 Did you know?
Seersucker was originally developed in India and became popular in the American South. The name "seersucker" came into the English language via the Hindi term "sirsakar," which had been borrowed from the Persian language meaning 'milk and sugar'. This was due to the resemblance of the fabric's smooth and rough stripes to the smooth surface of milk and the bumpy texture of sugar.

We used:
Pattern: Burda Kids 9494
Fabric:Country Seersucker, 135cm  Wide, 100% Cotton, $12.99 per meter.
Notions: 18-20cm Zip & optional Ribbon or decorative waist tie 1.3 - 1.5m.

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