Thursday, 3 May 2012

London Calling Issue 2 - You know the Drill

So yesterday I got all nostalgic about what I was thinking four years ago, looking forward to the Olympics. But I never let on my little secret, something I'm looking forward to the most...


Thumbs Up, Lizzie!

Yeah, she'll be there. My style guru is opening both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. While she always opens the Commonwealth Ceremonies, this will be her first Olympics since Montreal in 1972.

The Queen and Prince Philip in Montreal

While we don't have a Queen of the Office (though I'm sure the title is hotly contested by many), we do have Dolly, our faithful mannequin. So we're pulling on the regalia and dressing her up...

'scuse the backdrop

Dolly models here our Flag Drill Panel - a complete Union Jack for your sewing pleasure!

This season we're teaming up flags with, you guessed it... more flags! The National Flag collection has both Union Jacks and Australian flags in three sizes - including a full sized panel.
It's not exactly mink-lined robes, but I reckon anyone draped in a flag looks like they should be ruling something, right?


National Flags Drill, 100% Cotton, 112cm. In store now.

Tomorrow, The Olympic Dream continues...


  1. I love the Queen too. She always looks so well put together. Such cute little outfits!