Wednesday, 2 May 2012

London Calling Issue 1 - Quilty Pleasures

A little under four years ago, as the Beijing Olympics drew to a close, I couldn't help but think that I was more excited about the fact that the next Summer Games would be held in London.
"I'll be there," I told myself, "I'll be there to watch all the sports (especially the diving, and the athletics, and the gymnastics, and anything else involving lycra), and it'll be the best experience of my entire life!"

Cut to four years later and I'm not there, and nor will I be, but I'm here, writing to you, so let's hold hands and pretend, yes?

So I present to you, London Calling: Issue One.

With 86 days and about 17 minutes until the Opening Ceremony Kicks off, I realise we only really have about 85 crafting & sewing days to prepare. So we're getting in early to get you all excited about the games and their ENDLESS SEWING POTENTIAL.

Issue one starts with Quilting (because these things take time). As you've seen before on the blog, we have a gorgeous range of Icon Linen, but I felt it best to remind you again.

Icon Travel Linen, London, with a cute Applique bus!
And covering your Journal! (fill it with pictures of attractive athletes)

Amy over at Diary of a Quilter has come up with these awesome Union Jack quilt blocks, which you could use in innumerable fabrics and projects - aren't they sweet?

Check them out on her blog here.

We've also found a great pattern for you to make your own here.

So that's whet my appetite for a pie floater, or maybe some chips with gravy. I'm off to find lunch. But while I'm away, why don't you share with us your project plans for London 2012? Leave us a comment or leave us some love on Facebook.

In London Calling: Issue Two we'll be drilling down into the history of the games!

God Save the Queen!


  1. Oh how cool! I am 'here' and you have got me a bit excited now!

  2. Thanks so much for the link love! And I'm LOVING that bus pillow. So cute.