Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Little Artists

I think the best thing about Halloween - besides an excuse to get dressed up and PARTY ON A BOAT - is seeing the amazingly cute mini-monsters that your neighbour's kids turn into.
I googled "Best Kid's Halloween Costumes" and decided to not post any of them here - they were equal parts creepy and awesome and I could have hotlinked all of them. So google for yourself and prepare your "awwwwww" face. (Maybe also your "eeew" and "not suitable for children" faces too).

By far the best I've discovered in the lead up to Halloween this year - and maybe ever - is these amazing "Little Artist" costume tutorials over at Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day also has a whole host of awesome costume ideas in their "Handmade Halloween" section - be sure to check them out.

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