Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I really like dinosaurs.

I mean REALLY REALLY like dinosaurs.

I like dinosaurs so much that I cried when it was established that the Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus were different names the same dinosaur. In my eyes, that was one less dinosaur to love.

While devestated as a child that I could never actually saddle up and ride on a tricerotops, I consoled myself with countless viewings of the 90's cult classic film "We're Back". John Goodman voicing a T-rex? I was in heaven.

File:We're Back! Movie Poster.jpg 

Fast forward past Jurassic Park, the Magic Schoolbus and Steven Spielberg's ill-fated "Terra Nova" (Dean Geyer? Really?), and daily viewings of Dinosaur Comic and finally I've come full circle, the Jurassic age is here, and we present to you...


We're seriously SO excited about this range, it's super cute and so fun and bright!

The last print is my particular favourite - as I'm terrible at spelling, this handy print does it all for you - and even tells you what the dino names mean!

Stuck for a project idea? Try this super cool plush dino tutorial over at Little Black Teapot. Seriously cute, who wouldn't want one of these toys?

Junglesaurus Quilting Fabric, 112cm, 100% Cotton. $16.99m (60x112cm panel $12.99ea)

In stores now!


  1. It is ever so cute, I think the panel will make a fabulous baby or toddler quilt and I am thinking I need a skirt in that great green and yellow fern print!! I agree about the Bronto/Apato fiasco.

  2. oh, my son would love that! What a fun new range.