Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lucky Laminate

We're a messy bunch here in the buying office. Between Dad's weekly dim sim runs, Shoshana swatching everything in sight and Princess KimmyK littering the space with feather samples, it's tough to keep clean!

Pro Hart wouldn't be out of place in the office sometimes
So when a fabric comes along that is not only beautiful to look at and work with, but wipes clean - who could resist?

Introducing new Punch Paisley Laminate Quilting Fabric!
Punch Paisley Laminate Fabric

These gorgeous designs are the same great quailty and weight cloth that you have come to expect from
Spotlight quilting fabrics, with the added bonus of a fine plastic film applied to one side. This is ideal for kids projects as it is wipe-clean and splash proof!

Handy Dandy! Pictured with Chalk cloth labels

We made some nifty storage boxes out of ours, which everyone eyes off as they walk past my desk. I'm not sharing! And no Dad, you can't carry your dim sims in them.

This fabric is also suitable for tablecloths, art smocks, book covers and a myriad of other projects - have you used lamiated fabric before? Let us know what you made!

Punch Paisley Laminate, 112cm wide, 24.99m in 5 designs

In stores now - and for a limited time save $10/m! This offer vaild from Wednesday 21st March to Thursday 5th April.


  1. i do love these,epsecially with chalkboard for labelling.... however i dont think they are very 'kiddyfied' especially for boys.....

    can you also change your comment verifation..its soooo hard to read, maybe why you dont get many comments...:)

    1. Hi Jenxo, we'll be doing a second run of Laminate in June, this time in some great basic spots and stripes, lots of fun for kids!

  2. Can you purchase it online - my nearest Spotlight is 120 klms away (through floodwater)

    1. You can call 1300 305 405(order gets sent to nearest store) or just call your nearest spotlight and they can post you any item you like!!