Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Despite another random Melbourne heat wave outside, I'm actually freezing here in the office. Which is probably just as well, because Shoshana inherited some beautiful furs on the weekend, so what better time to wear it?
At our conference last week excited team leaders met with our leading faux fur supplier and we were all so excited to get our hands on some wooly wonders! Now is the purr-fect time (see what I did there?) to get working on your winter wardrobe projects so why not start by getting furry?


 Tommy Ton, photographer extraordinaire at  Jak & Jil, has captured some fantastic fur moments from all over the world, including a few famous faces! Here are some of our favourite looks.


In the next few weeks we will be featuring some fun and easy fur projects to get you warm for winter. In the meantime, check out the full range in a Spotlight store near you!

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