Monday, 23 January 2012

It's a New Year...

...and with it comes new resolutions, new attitudes, and maybe even a new bundle of fabric goodies on your doorstep!
For us here in the buying office it means a bit of an overhaul - we've welcomed some new team members, farewelled some others, and now have a beautiful view out over the Melbourne skyline - all new inspiration!

This year will also see some minor changes to The Warped & The Weft - most importantly more of us bringing you, dear reader, more updates, more goss, more sneak previews and more giveaways.

For now, search for The Warped & The Weft on Facebook and it "like" - I reckon it should be "love"! Or follow us on twitter @warpedweft

Sew Inspired,

The Team

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