Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Does your Dad Sew?

My Dad has never picked up a needle in his life, I'm sure of it, although he does maintain he can stitch on a button in dire circumstances.

Similarly, our Dress Business Manager - whom we will refer to as "Dad" - has plenty to say (don't all Dads?) on the subject of sewing - but when pressed probably wouldn't know his bobbin from his buttonhole foot!

But one Dad has particularly impressed us this week - Quilt Dad!
Quilt Dad is a 36-year old married father of three from North Carolina who creates some amazing, modern quilts - hardly a daggy dad at all!

Sew awesome! Check out Quilt Dad's Blog Here

Do you know any crafty Dads? Is your old man handy on the Janome? Or perhaps your hubby / boyfriend / son / brother is a swift old stitcher?

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