Thursday, 28 July 2011


New Print in Japanese Lawn - Due Sept

Reflecting one of the most influential and enduring trends to hit both fashion runways and real life wardrobes in the past few years, vintage fashion – both fabrics and patterns – is being embraced in an unparalleled way by Spotlight.

Whilst on a buying trip to New York in recent times I spied a collection of vintage Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses that were being re-released to a new generation of women.

All of a sudden a light went off in my head I thought about Spotlight and our ability to research, inspire and source great fabrics and decided a vintage collection of fabrics – based on genuine pattern samples from the 1950s, 60s and 70s – was something we could do like no one else.

Now, when you visit your local Spotlight store, you can see the results of this ‘light bulb’ moment with the wonderful collection of re-issued vintage prints on offer, exclusive to Spotlight. These are backed by re-issued vintage Vogue patterns that utilise the fabrics perfectly. Or you can adapt fabrics to modern fashion and accessory designs.

Vogue’s decision to re-issue classics from their collection is savvy. In the online world sellers are offering original old patterns (often now out of print) for $50 and above.

Our Buying team spent countless hours researching and sourcing original patterns from fashion’s heyday, not to mention exploring the company’s own 36-year fabric heritage. Dealing directly with skilled printers in Japan and elsewhere we now has a dedicated collection of classic fabrics to capture the imaginations of home sewers.



  1. Brilliant - thats why we buy fabrics to be different to what the Global chains offer!

  2. Did you know Spotlight has 40% OFF ALL Fabrics today & this weekend - never had this offer before!

  3. To exhibit just how inspiring these Vintage patterns and prints are, our own numbers man, 'P' who plans the fabrics ranges with 'T' and 'M' has taken up sewing and his first project is a beautiful dress from one of the vogue patterns pictured above. We look forward to seeing the end result - especially as 'P' is refusing to read the instructions. Good Luck to our 'P' with his new venture in translating Vintage Vogue into a beatiful new dress for the girls in the office!

  4. Due out in September? BUT I WANT THEM NOW!

  5. I love these style of dresses I can't wait to start sewing....

  6. My Spotlights here in WA don't, or won't carry the fabrics that I need. I have to go online if I want tattoo, or vintage style fabrics. I have swatches of a woven leather look fabric but all they could tell me at Spotlight is that they don't have that and can only order in what they already offer! Is there somewhere that I can send swatches to so that they CAN order in the fabric? Because I have to tell you, I can't keep running an online business when I can't get the same things my competition can in other states. Retro, Rockabilly, and Vintage have been here for years now. Can someone please get back to me on whether or not MY Spotlight stores will ever catch up, and why can't I request fabric that isn't "on the list"? Doesn't seem like very good business practice to me.

  7. We would love to see some swatches of the fabric you are trying to source. Please email us some pics to
    and we'll see what we can do. All our buying is done from a central buying office so unfortunately stores can't order 'off range' so to speak.
    Love the feedback and always happy to hear from customers how we can improve our range.

    thanks, The Warped and the Weft.

  8. A few months ago I bought some genuine 50's dress patterns at a vintage show. I've made one with a purple cotton I got from spotlight and I recently bought some of your 50's style material that I'm going to make soon in my other 50's pattern! I love the vintage style materials you are stocking lately! I'm looking forward to blogging about them too :)

  9. i absolutely LOVE these fabrics - so fresh. Thanks Spotlight

  10. Are these available yet?? I have been looking and I am yet to find...?!

  11. Yes, these are all in store now. They will be labelled as "Japanese Lawn" on the ticket. There is a huge variety right now so I hope you find something you love.

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