Friday, 22 July 2011

Winding Roads by DS Quilt Collection

The talk continues about DENYSE SCHMIDT and the unbelievably popular DS quilting Collection!
Fresh across my desk has just come the new DS Collection called WINDING ROADS!

We were so excited; we wanted to share a sneak peak with you!

 Photographed is the patchwork bags which were inspired by Denyse’s free bag pattern available from her website
Denyse’s bag makes use of a "cheater print" (it's one piece of fabric printed to look pieced), but we have made up some bags to replicate the look.

Watch out for her new range in store early September.
Price will be around the $16.95m mark in Australia / $19.99 in New Zealand and $19.95 in Singapore!

Let us know what you think.  WE LOVE IT!



  1. wow! I love these fresh coordinates. I'm heading into my local Spotlight to get my hands on a number of the designs in the red palette for a cute apron that'll look great all summer and over Christmas. Thanks M & T!

  2. Love DS fabrics. Looking forward to the new arrivals.

  3. Love that you started a blog and are sharing photos with us. Wondered though, if you might need to check your monitor settings as some of the images are a bit blown out and hard to see. Both your blog header and the images in this post look like they might need a little more white balancing or that they were shot in the wrong colourspace (rgb/srgb/log/lin/etc)? I would have mailed you directly, but couldn't find the link. Feel free to delete the comment. =)

  4. Thank Amy for your comments. Agree the DS looks a bit blown out in comparison to the original, might have something to do with the fact that this was shot in our studio. We are new to blog land so trying to learn how to adjust setting etc and make the fabric looks as close to its actual colours as possible. Thanks again, The Warped & The Weft