Thursday, 17 January 2013

Summer Days On The Pond

It's a New Year and we're vey excited to be embracing some new challenges here at W&W. There have been some big changes in the office which have unfortunately meant the blog has taken a back seat for a little while - but never fear! We're back and still champing at the bit to tell you all about what's happening in the world of Spotlight.

We thought we'd kick off the New Year with a very exciting new program -  and our first Sew Along!

We've mentioned quilter extraordinnaire Sarah Fielke on the blog before. She's designed some fantastic quilt patterns for us and her awesome books are a great source of inspiration for us!

We are SO THRILLED to announce the launch of our very own designer collaboration with Sarah - a fabric range she has designed exclusively for Spotlight - "On the Pond".

On The Pond by Sarah Fielke, 100% Cotton, 112cm wide. $16.99m. In store from 30th January.

The collection is inspired by pond life in the spring - tadpoles, lilies and floating flowers in a gorgeous bright colour palette. Not only is this collection absolutely stunning, Sarah designed the entire range from scratch - hand drawing all of the designs!

Sarah has also designed a fantastic quilt project for you to get started with - pick up the pattern in the next issue of Get Creative magazine, on sale 30th January (only .99c and packed full of fabulous projects!).

The quilt is seriously gorgeous. Make sure you grab a copy of the magazine.

We'll also be sewing along with our very first Facebook Mystery Quilt! More details to come soon...stay tuned!


  1. Welcome back! Love the new fabric range. Looking forward to checking it out in store.

  2. Welcome to 2013! Just love the fresh colours in Sarah's new range of fabric....

  3. Such a pretty quilt and great fabric collectin.

  4. Beautiful fabrics - such pretty colours!