Monday, 12 November 2012

Spotlight's Crafty Christmas Photo Comp!

That got your attention didn't it? That's right, it's 30% off ALL FABRIC. This week in all Spotlight stores - Monday 12th - Sunday 18th November.

But before your rush into store...

We know you're a crafty bunch - or else you wouldn't be reading this, right? (You're surely not here for my witticisms). We often implore you to share with us what you have created using your haul from Spotlight and from time to time we've featured you here on this very blog!

Well you'll be all stitched up when you hear that we're now giving you the chance to WIN just for sharing your creations with us.

Spotlight's Crafty Photo Competition is on right now! Simply log on to Facebook, click the link on the Spotlight page and upload your latest and greatest projects for us all to see.

Then all you have to do is get voting! Have a browse through the already HUGE selection and vote for your favourite - and leave a comment. The winning entry will take home a MASSIVE $200 Spotlight Gift Card. Awesome!

All of this week we'll be featuring some of our favourite entries from the competition. But it's not up to us- we can coo and gurlge and gasp all we like, YOU need to vote! I swear it's more fun than the US Presidential election.

Here's some awesome contenders to get you inspired (click the links to vote for these and more!)

So wether you're a sewer, quilter, beader, knitter, crotchet-er or cake decorator, send in your entries! We'd love to see what you've made. And maybe you'll be rewarded...

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