Friday, 31 August 2012

All Tied Up: Father's Day Stash Solver

I'm HOPELESS at buying Father's Day presents. I mean, really terrible. I only ever buy my Dad books about war (I swear he thinks he was there) or, on a very rare occasion, power tools.

Somebody call the cliche police.

This year I trumped myself (and my bank account) getting Beach Boys tickets for Mum & Dad, and decided to brand them as combined "Mother's and Father's Day Presents" to cover all bases. But you gotta wrap them up right? Even tickets deserve a nice presentation.

Our Spotlight Pinterest has been a bit hyperactive in the lead up to Father's day, which makes things much easier for me in the gift wrapping department, because I discovered these:

Tie Gift Bags
How cool! It got me thinking, what a great way to use up some funky scraps in my stash (rather than paper). Cut out a tie shape and voila! Sew easy.

But then, I found this:
PaperCrave's DIY Tie Gift Boxes
BUT! This is a blog about the Fabric team, so, why not get out some cool scraps, iron on some of your favourite interfacing, and download PaperCrave's PDF pattern here.
These are seriously awesome. Also brilliant for birthdays, graduation presents or groomsman goodies!

Ties also make a great embellishment for jars of goodies:

Or on a card!

So much fun!

Haven't got something suitable in your stash? Why not pop into your local Spotlight store and pick up some awesome Prints Charming favourites?


Don't forget to send us a photo of what you've made - or post it to our Facebook!


  1. When I went into my local Spotters (West Gosford) and asked for the Prints Charming, a couple of girls had no idea what I was talking about, even appeared vague when I mentioned this blog and the Prints Charming coverage on facebook. One girl did remember seeing it, but had no idea where it was on the floor. Was very bummed.

    1. Hi Larissa,
      We're really sorry to hear you had this experience. The Prints Charming range should be readily available in all Spotlight stores.
      We will pass your feedback on to the team at West Gosford.