Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Charmed, I'm sure.

I'm always admiring hexagon quilts but not sure if I have the patience to make one.
Our new hexagon charms have just arrived into store and take all the hard work out of cutting perfect hexagons and might just be the perfect way for me to actually make this style of quilt.

$16.95 each (120pcs; 10 designs x 12)
Each pack of hexagon charms contains 120 hexagons plus a free pattern to make a quilt (you will need 2 packs to make the pattern included).

In the same range we also have Triangle charms. The project with this range is a super cute shopping tote (only 1 pack needed)
$16.95 each (120pcs; 10 designs x 12)
So now there’s no excuse to not to get quilting! M

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