Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Back in the office for a couple of days now after a brilliant trip to find the latest fabrics – (think you will all be very excited of what is coming in for Winter), the girls in the office have frequently said that it was lovely and quiet without me!! What’s does that mean when they say it on the hour every hour? As I said to them – “Suck it up – I am back so deal with it!

Centre image;
 One of the most important items in fashion now and in the future is FAUX FUR. Not just for Apparel, but also for Home Decor, Craft and Soft Furnishings. We have got some of the most amazing furs in every shade, color and fur type available now and coming in the near future! Today the faux fur is so realistic  with many of the same features and benefits as its real cousin, but much more humane!

Not only do we have fur by the meter, but we have our new range of FUR FAT ¼ just about to hit the store. Pre-cut and ideal for fashion trimming or that latest craft project, just grab and go – simple as that!


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