Thursday, 18 August 2011


Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending the final presentations of the RMIT UNIVERSITY YEP retail projects – 6 amazing groups of students that not only inspired us no end, but presented by teams of competent, talented and creative individuals who passionately sold their vision and business plans to us.

Over the last year these wonderful RMIT students have worked on 3 hard core retail projects that were challenging with a real purpose (no blue sky stuff here!). There were so many components that Spotlight as a business can put into action right now, and several recommendations that we will be adapting both short term and long term for our business. We can’t tell you all yet what these were yet as we have not announced the winning group – but all groups should consider themselves winners, and whatever these students choose to do for careers – WATCH OUT they are explosive!! Thank You RMIT.



  1. what encouraging words for students obvious hard work

  2. This blog looks very interesting, I must remember to check out more often. A trainee quilter - Liz

  3. It's great to see Sportlight giving great support to stuents.